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  • How To Attract 7-13 New Quality Clients Asking To Work With You, Just Waiting To Sign The Contract, Each And Every Month  
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  • FINALLY ELIMINATE One-And-Done Break-Fix Jobs Where People Just Want You When Things Are Broken And Demand Immediate Service At Low Prices 

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  • The Ultimate Marketing System For IT Services Firms. This video will show you how to immediately START implementing a marketing plan for your IT services business to get more leads. You'll also get the 4 marketing "keys-to-success" you MUST get right in order to consistently and predictably attract more high-quality clients for your IT services business.  
  • Secrets To Driving More Inbound Leads For IT Services. In this candid interview, Robin Robins will talk about what she’s seen her most successful, fastest-growing clients do to drive more leads, more appointments and more sales for their IT services firms despite growing competition and a stagnant to outright difficult economy. Robin’ll also reveal how she become the leading expert on marketing for IT services companies in the world and talk about how you can become the go-to expert in your area.  
  • What Should An IT Services Firm Budget For Marketing? You'll get the latest industry research on what most IT services firms pay to generate leads and sales and will reveal a simple formula allowing you to cusomtize the plan you need to hit your goals.  
  • How To Build A Productive IT Sales Playbook. This report will show you what an IT Sales Playbook MUST include to allow you to close IT services contracts and projects at premium profit margins with little to no price resistance, stalls, delays and resistance.  
  • Big Bonus! FREE Customized Marketing Roadmap And Consultation. As a prospective client, we’d like to offer you a private, one-on-one marketing consultation to answer any questions you have about marketing, closing sales, defeating cheaper competitors and growing your IT services business consistently and profitably. You’ll discover how you stack up against industry norms and be able to determine what you need to do first in creating a client-attraction marketing system based on your specific goals, resources and business stage. This is a way for us to provide a ton of value up-front and give you a taste of what you'll recieve from us should we work together down the line.

Sales Totaling $156,450

“Before I found Robin and joined the Producers Club, I ‘thought’ I knew a thing or two about marketing. It turns out that what I knew a thing or two about was sales (and I knew a little bit about marketing).  

I didn’t quite know at the beginning if the program would be worth the money. But I put her campaigns to work and from January through April, we received 57 referrals. 

So far those referrals have converted into 19 sales totaling $156,450 and we still have more deals to close. WOW! 

At this rate, I will have 171 referrals and 55 new clients by the end of the year.  

I just can’t say enough good things about Robin. Now I know a thing or two about marketing thanks to her!” 

Tom Malesic EZ Solutions 

One Year Later $62,720 in MRR

“Before working with Robin, we were only generating $21,541 in monthly recurring revenue. 

One year later, we’re up to $62,720 in MRR. This is AFTER firing 13 low-profit clients. That means our profitability is up dramatically and our entire team is a LOT happier now that we’re delivering our services to NEW clients who genuinely appreciate us and don’t beat us up on price. 

I’ve never done marketing before and I’m definitely not a savvy salesperson so naturally I was skeptical of Robin’s program at first. 

But sales are up and we’re winning clients away from cheaper competitors on a regular basis. 

If that won’t make you a believer that Robin’s marketing works, I don’t know what will!”  

Joanna Sobran MXOtech  

One Strategy Added almost $12,000

“We took Robin’s advice and decided to focus on a niche. We chose the medical industry, as we had already experienced success there. We are diligent with our marketing touches, using the templates Robin provides us, including monthly newsletters, Shock and Awe packages, TechTip e-mails, and our newly published book, Keeping I.T. Simple.  

Using one particular marketing strategy, we added almost $12,000 in new MRR (over $430,000 total life of contracts) with a monthly spend of $3,000.  

This year alone our revenue is up over 50%, and we’ve added over $20,000 per month in brand-new MRR. And now that our marketing is consistently bringing in two to three brand-new, highly qualified leads per week, I have no doubt this growth trend will continue at the same pace (or faster!).”  

Chris Traxler TSI

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