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"How To AVOID Losing Sales And Market Your MSP During The COVID-19 Pandemic"

Preserve The Revenue You've Got, Avoid Losing MRR And Project Revenue And Generate MORE Opportunities For Your Business...WithOUT Looking Like An Opportunistic A-Hole

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Right now, the business world is dealing with a forest fire unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Businesses are shuttering their doors.

CEOs are laying off employees and scrambling to make payroll.  Businesses are desperate for SOLUTIONS to help keep them up and running.

The question is, what should YOU do right NOW to 1) preserve the revenue you’ve got, 2) avoid losing MRR and project revenue, and 3) generate MORE opportunities for your business without looking like an opportunistic a-hole?

That is the question we’re going to cover on this WEBCAST, along with:

  • What marketing you should instantly STOP doing, and what you need to START doing.
  • How do deal with clients who stop paying or want to cancel their projects and contracts.
  • 3 things you should ABSOLUTELY communicate to your CLIENTS right now.
  • A simple e-mail to send to prospects that will have them blowing up your phones looking for help.
  • One HUGE relationship-killing mistake you don’t want to make right now – but probably are.
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